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cutest blog on the block!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good job good job

Hello Mother, happy birthday. If you are reading this, you are following my treasure hunt and doing an awesome job here is your next clue on the "AMAZING RACE! {web edition}

This just in, Brooke Severe (aka mother nature) has been sending us {the world} Mixed signals here in Utah. Is it spring? Is it winter? She is confusing us! Hawaii is full of Tsunami's and craziness, and then there's Haiti. Mother Mother have some sympathy. But since today is mother natures birthday we figured weather should be sunnier than ever {you would think right?!} This Severe Weather is just telling us how Severe Life can be. We would like to wish Mother Nature a happy birthday today. Thanks for the weather!

Pretty Easy right? Well look for a website that you might have seen in there.

There's your next clue. Love you mama.

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