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cutest blog on the block!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good job good job

Hello Mother, happy birthday. If you are reading this, you are following my treasure hunt and doing an awesome job here is your next clue on the "AMAZING RACE! {web edition}

This just in, Brooke Severe (aka mother nature) has been sending us {the world} Mixed signals here in Utah. Is it spring? Is it winter? She is confusing us! Hawaii is full of Tsunami's and craziness, and then there's Haiti. Mother Mother have some sympathy. But since today is mother natures birthday we figured weather should be sunnier than ever {you would think right?!} This Severe Weather is just telling us how Severe Life can be. We would like to wish Mother Nature a happy birthday today. Thanks for the weather!

Pretty Easy right? Well look for a website that you might have seen in there.

There's your next clue. Love you mama.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

One step at a time

Hello bloggers! Im back and exited to be here a my blog! I was really hoping you could all help me with my latest problem.

"One step at a time we can..."
What can we do one step at a time?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome back and Merry Christmas :)

Hello blog world, I am back! But I can not promise you how long that will be. Anyways, Christmastime is here. And you can check my last christmas below. Last christmas was a blast in disneyland but Im exited to be home for christmas. I love christmas and even the fallen snow that came on december 6th (holycow) didnt make me in the christmas spirit. I guess as I get older I dont get as exited. But i guess it hit me because now I am bouncing off the walls screaming "ITS CHRISTMAS ITS CHRISTMAS! even though its not. but I decided to make a list of ways to get into the christmas spirit! after all, tomorrow is the best day of the year. yes yes, better than new years eve/day. yes yes better than my birthday! and YES even better than christmas itself! Here it is.


1. watch a christmas movie {my favorites: Christmas story, Grinch, Mickey's twice and once apon a christmas. Charlie Brown Christmas, the santa clause and Elf. what are yours?}

2. make christmas treats! {our new holiday favorite: home-made chex mix! we also love all kinds of cookies! especially chocolate cookies with "Andes" mints inside! chocolate covered pretzels are my fav. What is your fave?}

3. HOT CHOCOLATE! {I was going to put this into the christmas treat category but its too special, it needs its own. I love pepermint hot chocolate, and milk chocolate. my least favorite: cherry chocolate. :( anyways what are your favorite and least favorite hot chocolates?}

4. write a letter to santa claus! {it's always, ALWAYS fun no matter how old you are!! I am dying for the "glee" cd, and a camera. And you?}

5. Carols! no matter if you sing them in the shower or sing in the streets, christmas songs always get you into the spirit! My favorites are: silent night, wintersong, and the first noel :) Tell me Tell me YOURS!

6. GO sledding!! Sledding is so fun to do. i like snowboarding and love going to snowbird and sundance! My favorite sledding hills is good ol' OAK CANYON and the dirt hills ! if you have a favorite place to go snowboarding, snow mobiling, or skiing, comment!

7. Sit by the fire place and read some christmas stories! Sadly our fireplace is broken :( but go curl up by one and read some christmas stories. I like, Jan Bretts books such as "The Mitten". Whats your favorite?

8. Decorate Like no tomorrow. I did! I made a 3d christmas tree that hangs over mary's crib. I made another life size christmas tree out of scrapbook paper and it hangs on my curtains. MAke snowflakes! sadly, i didn't do so well on snowflakes this year, but last year i made 80! last but not least top your room off with christmas lights! Its a great touch! Comment, telling me what your favorite decoration is! Mine is the nativity scene. :)

9. Do service! This absolutely without a doubt going to help you! Secret santa's are my favorite! Find an angel tree at the mall or shovel some snow! I love doing service at christmas time :)

10. again, this one goes with christmas stories. But like Hot chocolate, its important. too important to go along with stories so here goes my last tip.

Well there you have it! And Now, go have a great holiday, Ill be back on NEW YEARS! maybe.. hehe. Thanks for checking in and have the best christmas ever.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

hello blog world!

Hi guys! Its been long I know! But anyways, Im at my frend Lindseys house! She says hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dooont know what to write about but i have to play with my coolest bud lindsey! So blog you later BYE!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The untitled post

Hello everyone! Its Indy here. Thank you for those who check my blog cause I love it! I have decided to keep posting even if no one reads it... ANYWAYS... i have also decided to have a little fun with my blog. (I will tell you more about it at the end) I probably won't recap my whole life since march or whatever but here are some exiting things i would like to share. i competed in the LML pageant and won the interview award. there is always next year! I went to a cold place for spring breaK!but got a bug red sunburn on my face! I had another dance concert, and other things that i did were start guitar hit 4 doubles in softball (SO FAR) and something fun that i did was create a yearbook for our 6th grade trust me it was hard! school ended and i had the chance to go to lake powell with my friend tristen. I was so happy to go! But first night there, i sliced the whole top skin part of my middle finger...OUCH! ya, here are some fun things coming up for me: girls camp, my twelfth birthday, strawberry days parade and hopefully babysitting my little cousin gracie! so i said i was going to make this interesting so ya i am, GIVEAWAY ANYONE? actually its not just anygive away... its kind of like a test about my blog... whoever gets the most right will get a big batch of homemade cookies (if my mom will let me) so ya!!! go to comments to find out the questions, good luck and keep checking in for more stories about my life and results for this contest!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey everyone, sorry sorry sorry i have not posted for like EVUR! I guess i just got caught up in FaCeBoOk. HaHa but anyways here is a recap on evrythin since my trip to california!!!

january.... cant really remember nothin so to some it up:
back to snow :( (remember, i was in california?) and back to school... BUT NOT FOR LONG....... On account of....... ARIZONA!!! this years trip was awesome, the drive there seemed pretty short to me. the hotel rocked but most of all, dusty lou- lauren, betty lou- hallie, and lucky lou- moi are back home!!!!! (also welcoming: loxie lou - loxie... duh, little lou -sophie and lovley lou - mattie and aunt andrea and our newest neves amber!) arizona was good weather!!!! i miss it terribly. at least i got to escape the snow again... for a while. Once again us girls went to denny's with our matching outfits ( thankya aunt hilly) and this time we were sure to tell the waitress ( who was no doubt the same waitress as last time!) that there was THREE in our group. not eleven... :)! arizona, we miss you and all we can say is CANT WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!

FEBURARY: valentines day.. whoopee.... talent show just a chance to embarrass your self infront of the whole sixth grade and have it on tape... trust me.... danny boy turns nine and for the grand finale indy severe meets LITTLE MISS LINDON i have wited 4 years ( thats when i knew about it ) and now its my time to shine... more about it later ........

March!!! MY mommy turn 21 ;) and i had the funnest weekend ever.

you guys all remember my buddy gev right? from so you think you can dance? well..... WE MEET AGAIN. friday march 6th jump on it for my buds birthday after we go to salt lake city and spend the night. saturday 7:59 am i wake up and make my way (across the street) to the SALT PALACE!!! to a dance workshop with my old friend gev.
but thats not all.

twitch (runner up from so you think you can dance) was there too. i actually got to get up on stage and dance with him (gev also invited me up later)

katee shean was also there (you could call her third place winner or the girls winner of 50,000 buckaroonies) she was awesome as well. i had a great day (it ended at 6:00 whew!)

in all my free time i have just been working on my service project and doing my talent for little miss lindon (which i will reveal later)
until then..... BYE GUYS!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


merry christmas guys!!!! hope you all had a great holiday. just to let you know (in case you were confused) my last post about blogs failed. i was meaning to write everyones blog name below their picture oh and sorry if your pictures were embarrasing (cough aunt hil cough) just joking! but then i went to church before i could finish and my mom must have thought i was done and posted it. but instead of reposting i just realized that all the people who read my blog already read the other ones. except for the girls at the bottom who i guess dont like me enough to read it. but i love all your guyses blogs!! and i seriously check them everyday! so please check mine no just kidding!
but anywayz i'd like to tell you about my trip to california.

i will give you a full story. oh and the pictures go backwards if you look at the one right above ( the one where jake is taking mary to a casino...) thats the first part of our vacation. then it goes up from there. but just like the picture shows we stopped in las vegas at 2am. luke kept on saying "mom this isnt a good place to be." "this is really bad!" and he was scared of all the ladies with purple hair and the tall but way cool hotel we stayed in called the mgm grand. and most of all, he was scared that the people weren't because of luke's remarks, we left first thing in the morning.

after a long drive to san diego, we finally got to our hotel, the courtyard. it was only a month old and it was very nice. but when we got into our suite it had no hot water and the remotes were still in there packages and the worst part was, both tv's didnt work making dad miss even more of the BYU game. we downgraded to a smaller room but that was ok.

HAPPY ZOO YEAR! we went to the san diego wild animal park. mary's heaven on earth!
she loved it. and so did we! this zoo was way different the salt lake zoo!!
for one thing they had a humongus hot air balloon and me, jake, danny and luke went up!
danny was terrrified but eventually went up with mom. this day was awesome but we are just getting started!

the next day we went to sea world! and it was seriously as if we were literally in a sea world because of the pouring rain!!! but as you could probably guess dad said his famous speech "face it and embrace it" go big or go home!" and so we got our slickers and 7 umbrellas and didnt let the rain rain on our parade or in our case, vacation.
yes! the rain stopped is probably what we kids thinking. yes we are dry! is what mom and dad were probably thinking. but then their kids saw journey to atlantis (which is a ride pretty much identical to splash mountain without the puppets! and without the laughing places. cause we were not laughing when we were even more soaking then before!
but after seeing the dolphin shows and the seal shows we were laughing our heads off.
and the shamu show was pretty fun but what was not fun was driving two hours to anaheim in our sopping wet clothes right after seaworld.

DISNEYLAND!!!! we went to disneyland on tuesday which is always great. jake and i went to the animation studio and drew jack skellington dressed up as sandy claws. speaking of scary we went on tower of terror 3 times! my favorite ride! then i went on california screamin for the first time! but then jake, danny and dad went to a football game (boise state vs.tcu) at the chargers stdium and left about three o'clock
which left mom me mary and luke. i was dying to go on california screamin again but my mom had to watch mary and luke wouldn't come with me no matter how much i bribed him.
so i had to get used to going on the rides alone. which included maliboomer!!! i loved that and several others that luke was too chicken to go on. but oh well. we left at 6
and i was dying to go swimming but wouldnt go by myself so when dad and jake came home i said "lets go swimming" and i lost track of time nd the pool closed in ten minutes. so we ran to get a little hot tub time and literally got two minutes in the hot tub and then it closed.

the next day (christmas eve) we decorated for christmas we bought these little snowmen that you can decorate and we stuck them on our window spelling the word joy.
(speaking of joy, in san diego,me danny jake and dad were driving home from panda express and we drove by the hilton and the windows were lit up spelling the word joy.
sadly we didnt have our camera. but jake took pictures with his phone so ask him if you want to see it. we also bought green wrapping paper and cut out a giant tree and taped it on our wall and decorated it with lights and ornaments and i made a fire place and fire with stockings!! (out of construction paper) later we went to downtown disney and went to the tale of desperaux which if you read the book you probably wont like it cause it was NOTHING like the book! but then we went to the world of disney which is probably the biggest disney store ever made!i even got lost! then we went swimming i think...

merry christmas
on christmas we opened our few presents and we were surprised to find a wii and rockband under our wrapping paper christmas tree.
later mom and i went to disneyland by ourselves and had a blast! the next day we went to disneyland and ran into the roberts and grandma and grandpa neves. we had a great time with them but we had to say goodbye to disneyland. oh i forgot to tell you, earlier this day mom got in a fight with a lady ask her for the details.

to speed things up, the next day we left and got there pretty quick and during the ride luke cracked his head open.... but it wasnt bad. all in all it was a very memorable and fun vacation!! merry christmas guys!